Nick Storm is not new to the business of doing business. He has been in the liquor industry for 11 years, with many more to come. He works as the National Director of Ciroc and is Sean Comb’s secret weapon. Often referred to as the Night Life Guru, Nick values his accomplishments and makes it known that hard work is the key to success.

He started in the year 2000 when he was introduced to Raphael Youcobi. They created a brand that was believed to have no potential. We know this brand as Hypnotic. From the trunk of a car to national distribution, this underrated brand soon became a million case brand. This means he sold a million cases in 3 years. Hypnotic set record numbers in their category thanks to Nick Storm.

In 2007 while on vacation Nick received a call from hip hop mogul Sean Combs. A call that would change the liquor industry for ever. Mr. Combs later informed Nick about a brand that had drawn his attention and offered him an opportunity to expand it.  This was the start of the Ciroc Vodka Movement. The Ciroc Movement was the life changing break that catapulted Nick Storm to be the respected and successful leader he is today. Ciroc Vodka went from number 9 on the list straight to the top. History repeated itself as Nick Storm was able to sell a million cases in three years yet again.

He has coordinated events that involve things like the Super bowl, All Star, Music Awards, BET Awards, MTV awards and many more. Nick’s job not only involves coordinating and managing events for Ciroc and Sean Combs, but making sure to keep New York as hot as possible while maintaining his role as the millennium male.  A man with exquisite social skills that knows how to adapt to different environments like a chameleon. He believes that social etiquette as the number one key in business.

Nick Storm’s advice is to “Never give up, always keep dreaming and Never stop.  Even when the doors close, don’t stop, just keep climbing.” He live’s by that quote that “either you get busy living or get busy dying”.